The Saturators



By on June 25, 2016

Schooled in the illicit Brooklyn basement parties, The Saturators are what would happen if Nate Dogg was from Trinidad and joined up with a crew of 45-obsessed basement dwellers.
With the aid of a percussion-powered array of multi-instrumentalists, Misha “Silky” Savage and Redddaz pour Dancehall, Soca, Afrobeat and The Funk onto the dancefloor with a single endgame.
They call it – Wet Music.

Misha “Silky” Savage – Guitar /  Vox  @
Redddaz – MC / Lead
Vox @
Aiman Radzi – Bass / MD 
 endorsed by Dean Markley Strings
Theo Moore – Congas / Percussion

Photo by Gianna Leo Falcon

“With clear afrobeat aspirations, this latest song from The Saturators is definitely one that you’ll want to hear, particularly because of the track’s a compelling lyrical narrative and its grinding yet playful musical base.”

“Do not be surprised to hear elements of George Clinton’s P Funk to the Gap Band’s G funk, with that live reggae, roots, rock and soul with the TCQ and Diagble Planets hip-hop attitude”

“They’re fun, witty, and are extremely on-point with precision and rehearsal”

Interview with “The Latest Noise”