The Saturators



By on June 25, 2016

“The masters of not taking themselves seriously, seriously.”
Schooled in Harlem’s Hip Hop jams as well as illicit Brooklyn basement parties, The Saturators evoke a dance-crazed-junkie rifling through 45s cut for Caribbean Dancefloors and Soul-Train lines. Misha “Silky” Savage and Redddaz pour Dancehall, Sosa, Cumbia, and Funk onto the dancefloor with a single endgame.
They call it – “Wet Music.

Misha “Silky” Savage – Guitar /  Vox  @
Redddaz – MC / Lead
Vox @
Aiman Radzi – Bass / MD 
 endorsed by Dean Markley Strings

Matt Composure – Keys / Vox 
 Hear more of his work here
Colin Taylor aka Holly Jee – Drums  Check his work on YouTube
Theo Moore – Congas / Percussion
Jen C. Nas – Percussion / Vox Check more of her work here!

Press photo by Gianna Leo Falcon